• April 30, 2021

Dark Age of Camelot Powerleveling Guide

Starting a new character in DAoC has never been easier with all these new expansions. It is much easier to level a pet friendly class with a healing bot over time than it is to level any other character. For midgard, you would use a spiritual master specializing in summoning, for hibernia you can use an enchanter, and for albion you can use a necromancer. These pets are capable of taking down many more mobs than the average toon. With a time heal bot or upgrade bot, they can take down 5 to 10 mobs at a time. Note that it is much faster if you level a power level bot and an upgrade bot and then level their main rvr toons afterwards.

With an Enhanced Summoning Pet, you can kill 5-10 Yellow Enhancement mobs with some heals or heal over time. If your pet is master level 9, you can take down even more. I have made around 30-40 yellow mobs with a heal over time. The ideal place is the level in which the conflict or the task dungeons happens. I prefer Passage of conflict due to the respec falling stones along with some decent rog loot. Passing the conflict also grants much higher experience points than the average task zones and dungeons.

You can make about 10 platforms by leveling a new character from 1 to 50. If stones fall respec, you can probably sell them for 1 or 2 additional floors. I usually get around 5 when leveling up a character from 1 to 50. I usually stop power leveling up at level 47, in which you can then go from free level to 48. After reaching level 48, I prefer to seek the rest of the experience. . From 48 you can do the search for the necklace in which you should be able to get 48 and a half. After reaching 48.5, you can do the commander missions in your capital cities. That should be able to get you to 49.5 and it only takes around 1 hour to complete all of them.

From 49.5 I would start joining raids for master levels or artifact credits. You can even start rvring too. Reaching 50 should be easy considering that you have a lot of other things you can do. Personally, I would simply go to RVR, accumulate reward points, and purchase whatever credits I need, which are generally master-level credits and artifact credits. Note that it takes around 60 hours of playtime to get to 50, but for a pet summoning class it would take maybe 24 hours. Having an additional class, like a summoning class, can help with the farming rig and items. Good luck and enjoy.

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