• November 28, 2021

Does the metabolism slow down after pregnancy? – Get the details!

Does your metabolism slow down after pregnancy? Most women know that their body experiences hormonal surges that affect bodily processes, including nutrient delivery, fat storage, and energy processing. Generally, the metabolism also increases, which is why most pregnant women always feel hungry most of the time.

After giving birth, these hormones drop dramatically and would continue to do so 4-5 months after delivery. Different women have different reactions to the decrease in the hormone. Some enter a state of depression or postpartum depression, while others adapt easily to their hormonal changes. Mood swings are related to a decrease in thyroid hormones, which also regulate the body’s metabolism.

Reduced thyroid hormones affect the way the body regulates energy from food. Since it takes several months before normal hormone production returns, your resting calorie burn will likely decrease during this time. Symptoms of depression, which are started by low thyroid hormones, also have a huge effect on weight gain. Your body is also drained of stored nutrients after delivery, slowing down metabolism and preventing mothers from losing weight.

Lose weight after pregnancy

With the hormonal changes, nutrient loss, and other physical changes that occur after pregnancy, attempting to lose weight immediately after pregnancy is not recommended. At least not in the way of extreme dieting! The most important thing is getting enough nutrition and getting more healthy calories needed for breastfeeding. On a lighter note, breastfeeding can help you lose a little weight. You can start with light exercise and increase it as you go. Take junk food out of your snacks and all these little steps will help you lose weight. However, as mentioned above, women respond to changes differently, so keep an eye on your body’s reaction to such changes.

If you do not want to gain weight, it is best to consult a dietitian for a postpartum weight loss program. Cut back on empty calories, but don’t cut out healthy calories, as it would only slow down your metabolism further. Whenever possible, increase your daily activity. Start by taking your baby for a morning walk, gently dancing to music, or taking him for a walk in the park. You may always be worried and ask if your metabolism slows down after pregnancy. Whether you do or not, the main concern is keeping you and your baby healthy before, during, and after delivery.

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