• September 13, 2021

Electrodermal Candida Level Detection and Blood Test

If you see a homeopath, your doctor may tell you to do a non-evasive test called electrodermal screening. The result will tell the ND if you have a high level of candida. There, you will likely also run an allergy test to find out which foods are not working well for your individual system. You can ask a health food store if they know of someone in your area who does this test.

There is also a blood test to see if you have H-plyori in your system. According to a person who did the test, his blood work showed that his progesterone was low, even with the Pro-gest cream. So her doctor supplemented her with a tablet to take in the evening. She also has low blood sugar, which was surprising since when she was tested, she had just finished her period, and this is usually when she does not have low blood sugar. And another thing, the reason your doctor asked you to come to his office is that he was guessing you were lacking thyroid hormone. His test results fell into the lower end of the normal range. He guessed this could be what was getting my blood sugar upset.

He gave her 30 mg of Armor tablets, to take one in the morning. She has been taking this for three days and really notices the difference. You are not lowering your blood sugar. Sometimes she feels hungrier so I better watch her. Also, all the muscle pain you’ve been experiencing for years is gone. It has not been fully tested, but it did clean the bathroom and downstairs floors after coming home from work. She survived.

His hands and feet did not get cold, his skin was not dry or itchy, as is typical for people who need thyroid supplements. In fact, he still has very oily skin from his teens. He had fatigue, constipation, muscle aches, and low blood sugar. So if any of you sound like her, get your thyroid checked.

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