• August 1, 2022

Enjoy your favorite recipes with the Farberware Electric Wok

Popular cookware brand Farberware has been offering consumers around the world the gift of quality, dependability and classic style for nearly 100 years. This famous brand continues to pioneer the world of cookware with the company’s rich history, innovative product line, improved product quality, new technology, exciting products, advanced features, convenient nonstick surfaces and the confidence of its consumers. The company’s roots go back to the 1900s and remind us of the name of the great SW Farber, a tinsmith, who had set up a small shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There, the company’s founder went on to introduce several lines of giftware and accessories over the years in silver, nickel, and chrome finishes.

In 1930 the first Farberware percolator was introduced and in 1937 the market witnessed Farberware’s new invention called the “Coffee Robot”, a device that kept coffee hot for hours after brewing. In 1938 the “Robot Fattening” was introduced, in 1954 a stainless steel electric frying pan with an aluminum-lined bottom and a removable probe. The “Open Hearth” smokeless grill was introduced in 1962. All of these company inventions have had a huge impact on the marketplace as well as the living consumer. With all these new products and the latest line of innovative products, the brand has developed a wide customer base all over the world. Farberware also offers its consumers the popular Farberware Electric Wok.

An electric wok is a must-have kitchen appliance in every kitchen. The Farberware wok is a very exceptional product from the company that is made from a durable material that provides long-lasting service, great design, and easy care. The Farberware wok is a useful kitchen appliance that is a great option and is versatile, fast and convenient. Various cooking applications like stir-fry, red stew, steam and many more can be done with the company’s easy-to-work wok. The wide sloped sides and bonded aluminum bottom of the Farberware wok concentrate cooking heat in the center for true Asian cooking.

The Farberware FSW343 Wok is among the best and best electric woks from the company. These are some of the features, specifications and advantages of the model. The FSW343 wok is a stainless steel wok with easy-to-use controls such as a dial thermostat. This wok offers a 3,313 L capacity and measures about 16 inches (40.6 cm) to the outside of the handles. This particular Farberware wok doubles as a streamer and comes complete with steaming accessories. It also contains a rim mounted steam rack and a bottom mounted steam rack. This wok offers all chefs a large cooking area and allows you to grill chicken, cook a stew and also steam vegetables.

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