• July 20, 2023

For renting in Liverpool, these are the words of advice from Little House

For renting in Liverpool

Whether you’re a first year, a returning undergrad or a post-grad, when it comes to finding your perfect student home, Little House is here to help. Our Liverpool accommodation has everything you need, so you can get on with your studies and enjoy your new city. Plus, we offer a seven day cooling off period, so you can be sure your chosen property is right for you.

We have three locations in Liverpool with rooms available to book for the whole academic year or just a semester. Agnes Jones House and Falkland House are within walking distance of the University of Liverpool while Plato House is right in the heart of the city centre. So, whether you want to grab something to eat or have a night out on the town, it’s all just a short stroll or bus ride away.

Our liverpool student accommodation are furnished with everything you need to make your stay comfortable and carefree. There’s a communal kitchen with multiple ovens and microwaves, sinks, food prep areas and plenty of storage. Each studio also has a private en suite bathroom with a shower, toilet and storage space. And you’ll be able to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property so you can stay connected and productive.

For renting in Liverpool, these are the words of advice from Little House

student accommodation liverpooll is packed with entertainment, attractions and places to explore. From the Beatles Story, which tells the story of the Fab Four, to the Walker Art Gallery and World Museum, there’s something for everyone. Plus, there are a great range of restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from, as well as many places of historical interest.

Getting around Liverpool is easy and affordable thanks to its excellent public transport links. Buses, trains and ferries run regularly to and from the city centre and you can even use a bike-sharing scheme to get around. And if you need some extra cash, there are lots of opportunities to work and volunteer in the local community.

In today’s world, sustainability and environmental responsibility are increasingly important considerations. Incorporating eco-friendly initiatives in student accommodation demonstrates a commitment to reducing environmental impact. Implementing energy-efficient infrastructure, recycling programs, and sustainable waste management practices contribute to a greener living environment. Educational institutions can also promote sustainability education and awareness, encouraging students to adopt eco-friendly habits and contribute to a sustainable future. By fostering environmental responsibility, student accommodation contributes to a more sustainable campus community.

Understand the lease terms and conditions, including the duration, notice period, and any penalties associated with early termination. Consider your flexibility needs, such as the possibility of study abroad programs or internships that may require a temporary break from the accommodation.

Student accommodation can serve as a platform to celebrate diversity and host multicultural events that showcase the richness of different cultures. These events can include cultural festivals, international food fairs, or workshops on cultural traditions and practices. By embracing diversity and promoting cultural understanding, student accommodation creates an inclusive and welcoming environment where students from all backgrounds can thrive and grow.

Liverpool is an extremely affordable city to live in, especially when you compare it to other major UK cities. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Liverpool is 23% lower than London. So, you’ll be able to save money while enjoying all the best that student living has to offer.

When you’re ready to start your search for the perfect student home in Liverpool, you can use our online portal to find a property that matches your requirements. Enter your details to find out more about a specific property, including its location and what facilities are included. Then you can book a viewing in person or watch a virtual tour to see if it’s the one for you. And if you’re not 100% happy, you can cancel your booking within the 7-day cooling off period.

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