• January 27, 2022

haiku laymen

Musa, I have searched for you

Fully absorbed, the largest

Blooming, speechless


extrication breathing

bleeding heart essences

enlightened feelings


happy new year thoughts

The journey of life is about to begin

Balance, Harmony


early morning breeze

Sweet hearts delight, lovers embrace

Aroma of coffees, they kiss


just let yourself go

Live calm, without worries

would you know what to do


when you feel golden

And you don’t want to miss it…
Take a quick selfie!


I also have some thoughts.

The world is mine, I am the boss.

You love me, now what?


The dawn illuminates the smile

live in breath

Without exception


Rice Terraces Tour

Some interesting wood crafts…
Magnificent view!


eternal golden years

most impressive experience

I come with grace!


a merry Christmas

From my London inspired home

Best wishes to all!


Never more!

Fun ride to shake, rattle and roll

Tremendous feeling!


be your own sunshine

Be happy… Express yourself

Share the happiness with the world!


take control of your life

You can make the difference

Trust yourself, be brave!


Fun weekend at the Red Sea!

It’s time to disinfect

Sand, beach, get lazy!


my pod is ready

seven years of expenses

must celebrate soon


Hubert, the dog of my dreams

He loves to sniff and pry

lying face up


“We are alone at last…
I love you, what do you hear? Let’s run-

Far from this field…


bewitching nature

When I walk, you hold me

you and I are one


a gentle river

the sky that flows and reflects

birds singing nearby


flawless lazy day

With my human by my side

I see, you’re jealous!


as a dental doctor

I have my darkest secret-

I love Tooth Cake!


Selfies to wake up

In motivational mode, purpose

nostalgic feeling


On this bench I would sit

I’d daydream about you and me

Then we would have it all!


wake up in spring

Breathing golden grass in summer

Crimson falls and then sleeps…


take care of the little things

the ones you would always remember

but never mentioned


marine flooding

Happy! Lots of laughs later

aromatic wind


italian thongs,

japanese or chinese pipes,



“how much is it?” I asked

here in the language of commerce

for travel bargain


can you walk through me

Wait or just look around

you know i’m here


catch all my words

I write stories… Real… Fiction…
That’s entertainment!


what you want

I’m here to hold you, hold you

But I’m delicate…


Rising on top

Kind, kind, friendly, pleasant…
Cooling the heat, ahhhhhh!


I get up and go

with auspicious twinkling fingers

the golden fame is mine



feeling a little restless

in a hopeful way



Worried. Stop

Bombardment of aromas…


we met

Do you want a French kiss experience?

by the Tower of Love.


my human loves me

I feel great, I celebrate-

kissing her face


You make me happy

in ways no one else does

I love to drink tea


hot day adventure

a transcendental pleasure

pure bliss happiness


forgotten flowers

Once winter’s cold grip loosens

Shine again fresh, intact


A delight of nature

Peacefully falling water

and i look pretty


“My light shines on you!”

The sun promises the earth.

“You owe me nothing”

With a LOVE like this…
The whole world will be brighter…
United… No WAR!


Flip-flop here I come…
Once a slow crawling creature

Dazzling wings then sprout!


Pink gem in the yard

Inspiring… resplendent… flourishing…
curving up… then down


the flower boat is coming

Coming out of the geisha

abstruse peter pan


with the smiling cloud,

ecstatic flowers, bees, birds,

Spring breezes rise


with the tips of my fingers

I see more than seers

that have been blinded


Windy… Cloudy sky

Dance along golden yellow

The field of sunflowers shines


Surprised… Sissy yelled,

“I’m late for my recital!”

The mischief of a little brother…


We dance, we laugh, we entangle

Purely romancing the past

Nostalgia of lust!


I just have to breathe

I’d take charge and live my life

A breakthrough!


fantasy exists

Burning light of pure desire

Sometimes I wonder…


‘until death do us part!

You tamed me… Here’s a flower

I’m with nine lives…


call to happiness

The end of the summer day brings

Freshness, softness and peace.


Art Game advances

For the love of Haiku stay

Musical passion game…


Ruby fruit effect.

Wildly inviting, waiting…
Juicy priceless joy!


All the long daylight

‘tutti fruiti orange heart

He danced animated to the youth


I’m bored, stop it!

Do not shoot! You’re blocking my way!

Leave me alone, please!


Sea-waves of laughter

The true joy of freedom and youth

I grew old with a smile…



and thoughts out of nowhere

Living but lifeless…


doodle, doodle

However, I focus on the lamb

reflecting my goal



vigilant, overwhelming

Oh Maranatha!


In me, my Jesus

brimming with joy, peace, smile, love

an absolute truth


I get up and go

with auspicious twinkling fingers

the golden fame is mine


What you want,

I’m here to hold you, hold you.

but i’m delicate


be your own sunshine

be happy, express yourself

Share the joy with the world


capture this moment

Glitter to light up your day



young couple kissing

grandfather looking through them

to his sunny past


with a little luck

Two ducks near Love Tower

Trapped inside the jar-

“Quack!” quacks the love duck.

Froggy’s Jar of Lemon Dreams…
Here they fall in love!


“I thought there were raindrops falling?”

squawks crouch under the umbrella.

Wondering who peed?!?


Keep dreaming, don’t give up!

Everything is possible

and i love the donut


Balanced toes, body turns…
Charming marquise wished to be

To the dancer!


Dream, you and me.

We danced to some crazy blues…
The aliens were with us!


Aliens we are not?

We all are supposed to be.

A little blues… It’s all one!


A smashing jet plane.

Thunder, lightning everywhere:

This time no bombs fall.


circus in spring,

The children play, the kiss of the hippos… Floating eye!

Munchausen laughs…


A hole to escape!

Run quickly! We’re just having-

family picnic…


Join me in the game…
Click on the ink to understand…
Photo of my Art Game!


Waterfalls and Chaos

I see a new beginning.

The world keeps evolving…


life as a coach

Red stops floating, green advances

Yellow cools your time…


beauty in the night

Skeleton Knight Lover

terrifying sanctification



Torn Fairy lives… Rise against

fierce warrior angel


mix of your dreams

Torment or bewitching trance

a soothing wish


A meeting.

Welcome everyone! Relax!

A bloody race…


I loved my salad days…
Wines. Coffee break. Sweet Kisses.

Some lucky escapes!


Party all night long

Be fierce, be wild, be yourself

For once… Live freely!


Undersea world

everything is refreshing

A colorful place!


On the back of the mermaid… ‘Shark!

While behind each beauty, a Shrek!

Rear… Puss in Boots?

or a preview:

Butt… A pussy? ( LOL)

Hello, love Kitty!

Cat, puss in boots.


“Oh no! Meow, not me!”,

confused with litter box.

“Don’t leave traps lying around!”

“Great, forgive me.

I purr to show you that I love you.

Do you want to smell my butt?”


Hurrah! The Avengers!

They just crashed the party!

Watch out for Godzilla!


A shark wakes up!

Enormous! With a big mouth and sharp teeth!

Angry and hungry!


In my exuberant cosmos.

The earth announcing its place.

memories emerge


A family tour.

Jueseppi’s House is hot.

Dad said, “Eat ice cream!”


North, East, West and South.

Heat waves here or sandstorms there.

The desert is dry…


imagine a world

Where your every move matters.

Stay tuned for the next train…


Rush hours, train change…
Thank you for meter seller!

hot dog is a bliss


Family meetings!

Dad, mom, ladybug and little brother…
Miss them a lot.


feeling the heat

of the sun, joy of laughter

around… Siesta cool!


Sparkles fall!

Saving the family fun.

“BEEEEEEP!” says Road Runner.



Name them all… ‘accept or not

I still love my man


Frozen… speechless…
Hallowe’en! Ghosts wander…
The night of terror begins


Youth dance, longing!

In hip-hop, jump, spin, spin, dip…
What promise does it have?


A smashing jet plane.

Thunder, lightning everywhere:

This time no bombs fall.


December is here

Decorate my tall and short tree

what a christmas sparkle


The three little fairies

-bright eyes, messy hair…
Sweet Spring Flowers


Haiku is fun too!

Creative crowds love it.

Evidence. no duck soup


Hurrah! That’s wonderful!

We are here to have fun, win friends!

More secular haiku!

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