• June 28, 2022

How to become an elite basketball dribbler – 5 exercises to help you master dribbling with two balls

For years many basketball experts have taught drills that only use 1 ball. Ball circles, figure eight dribbles, and ball slams are just a few of the 1-ball drills featured in basketball training videos. More recently, 2-Ball Dribbling has become the go-to drill for increasing your ball handling skills. You get double the upgrade in half the time! It also has the added benefit of catapulting your weaker hand to reach your strong hand.

Here are 5 drills that will help you master the art of 2-Ball Dribbling;

  1. Stationary 2-ball dribble: Stand low and balanced with both feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure to keep your knees bent, your butt down, and your head up. Try to watch the hoop or the objects in the gym. Make sure you don’t focus your eyes on the basketballs. If you’re just starting out, try to get 10 simultaneous dribbles in a row. If that’s too easy, hit the basketballs on the ground as hard as you can for 50 dribbles and don’t let the balls go above your waist. You did the right exercise if your shoulders feel a little burnt. Smooth dribbling will make you a smooth dribbler.
  2. 2 Balls 5 High 5 Low – Dribbling 5 simultaneous dribbles at waist height followed by 5 simultaneous dribbles below the knees. Emphasize strong dribbling form with knees bent and eyes up. Repeat this until you get to about 100 dribbles in total.
  3. V-dribble with 2 balls: Start with a regular fixed dribble with 2 balls. As you get into a good rhythm, start doing 2 v’s with the basketballs. Start with very skinny V’s and as you get better increase the width of the V’s. You will notice that as you get better you start to get a better range of motion with the basketballs. The first part of this drill will be done with both basketballs forming a V in front of your body. Then do the second part of the exercise with both balls creating V’s on the sides. Once you get a good feel for these drills, you can combine 2 high 5 low 5 balls with 2 V-Dribble balls. Continue making V but make 5 uppercase Vs followed by 5 lowercase Vs. Repeat this for about 100 dribbles.
  4. 2 Balls 1 High 1 Low – This one is tricky and will take a while to master. He always starts with good rhythm on the stationary two-ball dribble with eyes up and knees bent. Start dribbling 1 ball below knee level while keeping the other ball bouncing at waist height. Dribble the high useless ball 5 times then flip it to the other side. Be sure to keep both balls bouncing during transition. Repeat this for about 100 dribbles.
  5. 2-ball crate drill: Start on the block with both balls at waist height. You will be looking in the same direction throughout the exercise. Bounce to the elbow directly in front of you. Continue with the other elbow while looking in the same direction. Then dribble back to the other screen and then dribble back to the original screen. At that time you will have completed 1 box. Repeat this 5 times in each direction. Start by going at 50% speed and build up to going as fast as you can while still under control. This drill really emphasizes pushing the ball in front of you in a lateral motion.

Master these exercises and the basketball will start to feel like a part of you when you dribble. It’s a great feeling navigating the basketball court with total control of the ball. It will help you become a better passer and teammate by being able to see the floor with a greater view of the court. Spending 5-10 minutes a day on these exercises will go a long way. Repetition with intensity is the key.

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