• November 24, 2021

How to share files wirelessly between Android phones and any PC

We never thought that one day we could use an Android phone or a tablet to create a large amount of content in one segment. Between notes and pictures taken with your smartphone and that special content pulled from your Fly Touch tablet PC, you will notice that there is always something on your mobile device that you would like to extract from your PC. Thanks to Dooblou WiFi File Explorer which is designed to handle this task perfectly.

Before we even knew about wireless file explorers like this, we could only transfer files from the phone in two ways: for example, I put the file in Dropbox or used a USB cable to connect the PC and the phone to transfer files. . When it comes to cables in this 21st century, it is actually a painful course that a person should not have to follow, and Dropbox seems like an unproductive solution for handling such huge file transfers.

What is a WiFi File Explorer?

WiFi File Explorer is an Android application that uses the Wi-Fi connection of your Android mobile phone or tablet to link your wireless network, which then appears with a small web server on your network that allows you to review your files from any other PC in network. All you need to do is go to your computer and enter an IP address, including the port number provided by the application software, for example, and then you will have a list of your phone’s files available. and folders right in your browser window.

The WiFi File Explorer app has password protection as an alternative, which I think should probably be enabled by default, but unfortunately it is not. You may consider enabling it when you use it for the first time.

The good thing about the device is that it doesn’t just copy files; You can also stream music and videos from your Android mobile phone. The original version, which sells for less than two dollars, adds the ability to create new directories on your phone, download multiple files from the device at the same time, download entire directories, stream multimedia playlists, and many others.

It certainly cannot be concluded that WiFi File Explorer apps are the only wireless file sharing apps for Android phones, but it could boast of being the simplest and for that reason it can get a lot of attention from productively minded users.

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