• November 26, 2021

Lemon to help endometriosis

Lemon is your friend!

Lemons are dotted throughout many gardens in Australia and New Zealand. There must have been a sale of them in the 80’s or something like that! Lemons grow easily here and have made lemon pie very popular, but did you know how beneficial lemons can be to your diet? With Endometriosis we suffer from many side effects and our friend the lemon fights almost all of them!

Helps with digestion

Lemons can cure many digestive disorders like nausea and heartburn. The most important addition to your diet is a shot of lemon juice in the morning. By drinking lemon first thing in the morning with some lukewarm water, it acts as a liver tonic and prepares it to digest the food you are about to eat. It stimulates the bile in the liver and by taking lemon you are providing a natural cleanser to the liver on a daily basis.

Get rid of nausea and heartburn

Although lemon is often described as acidic, it actually cures heartburn and nausea. Nausea is a sign of eating something that is not in accordance with your digestion and liver. It is usually caused by eating something greasy or greasy. Having a cup of hot lemon will help your digestion as it will activate the liver to function optimally and eliminate that horrible feeling of nausea. You may also feel nauseous due to hormones or other reasons. Our friend lemon will help in that too!

Help your bladder

It is a diuretic and will help clear urinary tract infections and high uric acid problems such as arthritis and rheumatism. Eliminate toxins and bad bacteria.

Headaches and migraines

Add lemon juice to coffee (I know it sounds horrible!) But this has been known to cure headaches and even cure malaria! Coffee is known to create an avalanche towards the upper front area of ​​the head and by sending the lemon along with it, it will eliminate the headache or migraine that is there. You can also make a lemon balm that is good for fever relief.

Hay fever and a lot of mucus

Hay fever and a high level of mucus are quite common in people with endometriosis. It is part of our weak immune system! Lemon can really reduce that strong phlegm sensation and can help with hay fever. I was battling hay fever again after living with some cute cats and haven’t had any symptoms since drinking lemon twice a day!

Menstrual cramps

Create a lemon balm with some real lemons and add some basic skin cream, maybe a little calendula oil, and use it to give yourself a mini massage.

Helps with mood and clarity.

Lemons are great for depression, lift your mood, and ease anxiety. It’s also known to clear our minds and give us more focus, more memory and memory – all the little things that we know we are prone to!

Small side benefit: Lemons used on the skin act as a natural sunscreen and will help heal any scars you may have. Great bacteria too!

So, go and get yourself a lemon tree because you can find every use under the sun to make it!

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