• November 2, 2021

Michael Jackson – The Good Die Young – What the Media Didn’t Tell You!

I write this article from my heart, through exhaustion and despair for humanity, not only for Michael Jackson but for others like Princess Diana and other celebrities, the press builds them up and then breaks them down and when they break them down they go all the way . .

Michael Jackson was not weird, he suffered irreversible tragedies and trial by the media. The media never published all the true facts about her court case, if they had, most of us would have come to our own conclusions about her innocence.

He lived for children, many do not know what this man was about and I want to share some stories about Michael Jackson that are unknown to many. He visited as many children’s hospitals, charities and orphanages as concerts and tours, the media, in Michael’s own words, never published this because it was good news. He would arrive with huge boxes of toys for the poor children who lay in the hospitals and he would sit next to them chatting and signing autographs for them.

During a visit to the hospital, she was going to meet a child she called Farkus, the child was very ill and had a green face, she asked the nurse what was wrong with the child, the nurse explained that the child needed a new liver and he was dying. Michael Jackson said that he was not going to let this sweet and sweet angel die, with this he fulfilled his promise, he traveled the world to find a liver, eventually he did find one and this little one was saved from death by Michael Jackson. this day the child lives.

We just have to look at Martin Bashir and how he painted Michael Jackson in his interview, which was edited to show Michael in a very bad light, when another video appeared showing the entire interviews it was clear to see the dishonesty, lies and deception of everybody. for money! This is a man who he let into his life and home by giving his trust, unfortunately this was a mistake since Martin Bashir sold it, he edited the interviews to show Michael Jackson in very little light, on my blog you will find the revealing interviews that point out where the lies are.

He opened his heart and his home to children, who were very poor or disadvantaged, his world was children when he was with them he was happy and at peace. Everything that Michael provided them in Holland was free and he saw that they had a great time with happy memories.

Sadly as it is in life, there was a minority who decided that they would tear this down and break their hearts, I don’t think they have ever been guilty of anything other than a tragic childhood and loving children, listen to their music a lot of what they wrote himself, it is about healing the world and making it a better place, of starving children, of the man in the mirror, without words, which is an album that I had not heard before but that I fell in love with. I despair of humanity when I look at his work with children, he wore his heart on his sleeve and this was the beginning of his downfall. She even took time out of her career to help her family and children recover.

Why oh why does the press destroy the good things we have in life, how many other people have saved a child’s life in this way, how can this not be front-page news?

He had no one to trust, no one to talk to, someone always wanted something from him (usually money), when he spent time with children he felt that they did not judge him, unfortunately it was one of those children who contributed to his downfall. , the boy finally admitted to the police that he had lied, but it was too late, the damage was done and Michael Jackson was contaminated forever. The court cases sucked up much of his money, making it difficult to keep up the payments at Neverland he had built and leaving so many children with cherished memories.

Please take a look at my tribute blog where I have only posted good things about Michael Jackson that I think deserved to be remembered for not rumors and speculation.

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