• July 22, 2021

New tape technologies to appear in the future

As Robert Frost makes clear in his famous poem, “The Path Not Taken,” choosing one path over another can make a difference. While Frost had other topics in mind at the time, his point applies to businesses today that are using or considering linear tape formats like DLT, S-DLT, and LTO as their data storage solution.

Legacy formats like Digital Linear Tape (DLT) were a reasonable data storage AITernative in the past, but a combination of new business challenges and new technology options are prompting many companies to rethink their tape storage path. For example, conventional DLT systems are nearing the end of their life cycle, with no well-defined way to add capacity without upgrading to a new format. While Super DLT (SOLT) and Linear Tape Open (LTO) systems have roadmaps into the future, neither format offers a compatible solution that can span the full range of storage needs, from entry or station level. working up to the level of “Super Drive”. . Additionally, upgrades require a change in support, making long-term use of linear solutions more cumbersome and less flexible.

Perhaps, as Frost suggests, it is time to consider a different path. Advanced smart tape[TM] Sony Data Storage Solutions (AITs) provide a broader range of capacities, higher performance, better reliability, easier maintenance, and a more strategic path into the future than AITernatives. Organizations that choose the AIT route will find a more flexible and integrated tape storage format that can address backup needs from individual PCs, workgroups, and the enterprise.

AIT is a proven storage technology with years of successful business implementations behind it. AIT, which first appeared in 1996, is an 8mm helical scan compact tape format in a 3.5-inch half-height form factor. With its high capacity (up to 100GB per cassette), speed, and reliability, AIT is emerging as a more strategic tape storage path compared to linear formats such as DLT, S-DLT, and LTO. Consider the following advantages of AIT:

* Reliability – Consistent operation and assured reliability are two critical components for a tape storage system. AIT-3 drives are designed for a mean time between failure (MTBF) of up to 400,000 hours (compared to DLT’s 250,000 MTBF rating) and a 100% duty cycle.
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