• July 22, 2021

Rainbow and banana peels

My life has been a series of high peaks and extremely dark valleys. I have lived in heaven and wallowed in hell.

However, I am still here.

More specifically, my life has been a life of beautiful rainbows and extremely slippery banana peels.

I often find myself in a field of banana peels. Now there is a difficult place to get out of. The moment you get back on your feet, ZAM! You slip into another shell and back off. The trick is not to let the circumstances that led you into that damn field penetrate the core of your being.

The bad news is that the entrance to the field disappears the moment you enter. You cannot go back. The good news is that the exit is on the other side of the field.

The key is to rise above him and keep your eyes on the edge of the field because that’s the way out. On hands and knees … one step at a time … I crawled out of the madness of the banana peel fields.

NOBODY is the same person when they go out. You are different. Your life is different.

So you escape the field and you are on top of a rainbow for a while. How amazing! Your life is going well, you are in a great relationship, you have money, life is good and then …

Wait for it …


Back off, you go.

What happened?

Rainbows are slippery! It takes work to keep up with them. Be careful because when you slide out of the rainbow, the banana peels instantly appear around you and you often don’t see them until you are on your back. Again.

I’ve been there and done it a ton of times. So many times you would think I’m pretty good at staying out of them.


Life has a way of hitting you from behind when you’re not looking, and very often it will knock you out. The trick is not to stop there. You have to get up again. Don’t let circumstances slip through your soul because if you do, it is very difficult to get out of the banana peel field.

If you want to stay on the rainbow, then you have to believe that you CAN and think positively. Constant negative thoughts like “I will always be fat” or “I will never have enough money” will keep you in the banana peel fields.

At the end of the day, we come into this world alone and leave alone, and along the way, we make decisions about how we want our lives to unfold. Some work, some don’t. Some lift us over the rainbow and others plunge us into the banana peel fields. The trick of life is to learn from your stay in the fields and try to stay on the rainbow as long as possible.

But that’s life, right? Life is full of breathtaking rainbow moments and endless journeys through banana peel fields.

My biggest banana peel? Stage 3 breast cancer in 2012 at the age of fifty-one.

So how did I get over all these negative events in my life and remain positive? It was not always easy. It was often a minute-by-minute choice.

Being positive is a lifestyle choice.

It is a way of life that you choose.

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