• September 30, 2022

Real Estate Mumbai (Mumbai City History)

Metropolitan lifestyles dictate the need for apartment-style home ownership. Mumbai is becoming a hypermetro with the burgeoning property sector making more news with its fickle directions. Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, jogging track is expanding and the focus is also on connecting the areas with walkways and bridges. The government sees a lot of effort in developing wasteland, vacant land, and converting landfills into multiplexes or huge multi-facility complexes.

The trend is also seen in commoners availing home loans with the relaxation done by the Ministry of Finance. Although the movement is getting busier than before, people are still not very interested in investing in property. The news is that recession trends predict a further drop in rates, which will be beneficial for many salaried people. The NRI sector is also waiting for such a reduction in housing rates so that they can make a safe investment.

Previous houses in Mumbai according to history were simple in profile with minimal facilities. You can also see some bungalows or townhouses that are also now being sold to builders at a dizzying rate and the skylines are now lined with tall towers. Although there is rapid urbanization, Mumbai still has its heritage intact and it shows with the vast playgrounds. Many clubs are interested in developing land into golf and recreation clubs.

Shopping malls and multiplexes are also growing at an alarming rate and the old shopping system is now being replaced by impulse buys. This shows a clear change in the lifestyle of people who also look for the comforts of the supermarket when buying a house. The modern complexes also have a service bathroom on each floor, a state-of-the-art security system, modulated elevators and a solid administration that gives the neighborhood a sanitized appearance.

The market is climbing in terms of buying and selling second homes and there is more interest from people looking for rental homes. The previously stagnant market is now gearing up for a change with new builds showcasing exciting amenities that are now becoming affordable.

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