• May 28, 2023

Security planning: the tools you need for a successful security plan

So you’ve decided that you need to insure your home. Good for you. But where to start? A few simple steps can save you time and money, and make your home a safer place to be, and as a result, give you peace of mind and deeper sleep.

Number one: Have a plan. If you haven’t already, you should sit down and make one. Carefully describe what you want to do, what your specific needs are, and what the end goal of your plan is. For example, if you want your windows to be tamper-proof, that should be your ultimate goal. Your specific needs may be new glass and better locks. What you want to do is go to a security store, home depot, or the like, get the things you need and install them yourself, or hire a professional.

Number two: Take a careful inventory of your home and be specific when listing tasks that you can do yourself. This could include new locks on your windows, the installation of “police bars” on your basement door(s), steel bars on your basement and garage windows, and even new doors. remember that the inputs are the crucial points. Very few break-ins happen through walls, so your windows and doors should be at the top of your list.

Number Three: Add a shopping list to your plan. Usually, a security planner will recommend just a few simple things: New doors. Steel core doors, with “fly-locks” and a police bar at its secondary entrance. If you choose doors that have windows, make sure the glass is shatter resistant or even bulletproof. That will discourage many would-be thieves. Then come the windows. If you want to go all out, there are bulletproof windows that can be easily installed in any home. They will require you to strengthen the frame as well, but it’s a good idea no matter what. Reinforced window frames will also stiffen the frame of your house.

Number four: Ask your local construction company to provide you with the materials you need. Your local security company can usually supply locks and bars, along with an alarm system. Even if you’re sure no one can get in, it’s a good idea to have an alarm system. These will often include fire alarms connected to the main alarm unit and provide additional security for your loved ones and belongings.

Number five: Plan ahead. While you’re waiting for your new doors, locks, alarm system, and windows, take advantage of the time to prepare for installation. Remember that you also need to hire professionals to manage any changes in the route of electricity, water or gas. Don’t try those parts yourself. You should be ready. Typically, it doesn’t take much to deter a burglar: they’ll always go for the easiest target, and their main goal is to get you and your home out of that category.

Feel free to place stickers on strategic windows and doors, so criminals who might get close know your home is ready for them. If you choose the bulletproof window, make sure the manufacturer’s name is in one corner; that will have a profound effect if someone stops to look. Good luck!

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