• May 24, 2023

See how prebiotics can improve your digestive health without drugs

If you’re like me, you’ve seen all the ads in the media about probiotics. They used to tell us to eat yogurt and that would help because of the active bacteria cultures. Many of the probiotics use the same strands of bacteria found in yogurt. Now they want you to take tablets that have the same bacteria multiplied 10 to 100 times. While there may be some evidence that this can help your digestive system, there are over 4,000 bacteria that live within your digestive tract. What are the ones you should increase and how do you know?

I don’t think we know what all the benefits and functions of all the different probiotics found in your digestive tract are. However, we do know how to feed the beneficial bacteria to allow them to flourish and thrive. The solution is to add a supplement that contains a prebiotic.

Prebiotics are soluble fiber that should not be confused with insoluble fiber that nothing can digest. When the media talks about the benefits of dietary fiber, they talk about the insoluble fiber that provides the benefit of cleansing the digestive tract. Of course, when you eat insoluble fiber, you’re often getting soluble fiber, but the best way is to add a supplement that contains a prebiotic so you can control the amount and quality of the fiber.

The supplement I use gets its prebiotics from the skin of the kiwi. This is the furry skin that most people don’t eat and therefore don’t get the benefits. However, if you were to consume two kiwis that were in their perfect freshness and ripeness and eat them skin and all, you could get the same thing found in the supplements I take. The problem is that finding the kiwi in this perfect state of ripeness is not something that can be done throughout the year and many do not want to eat the skin.

Kiwi Soluble Fiber gives you all the benefits by helping the good bacteria in your system to grow and flourish. That’s when you start to see the health benefits. The company I buy my supplements from recommends that I take the product for thirty days to determine how it will affect your digestive system before attempting anything like weight loss programs or other life changes.

When i started taking these supplements i started noticing that the ibs symptoms i was diagnosed with started to go away and was completely gone after a month. After talking to them for several months, I kicked the habit, and eventually things fell out of balance again. I say this because recently some of the systems like diarrhea and painful bloating have returned. I plan to resume taking my kiwi soluble fiber supplements immediately so that I can correct this problem.

This is not medical advice and I cannot say what type of enhancement any given person may or may not receive. However, since the human body can’t digest soluble fiber, at worst it just passes through you, so you have very little to lose and everything to gain by trying them.

So you can see that prebiotics are the real solution to keeping healthy digestive fauna growing inside you and the list of health benefits seems to keep growing as scientists and doctors discover more benefits provided by the beneficial bacteria that live in your digestive tract. In fact, some of those companies that sell the probiotics are now adding prebiotics to increase the improvements and keep the bacteria you are adding to your system alive. What do you have to lose apart from digestive problems and disorders? To learn more about the supplements I take, please visit the website below and be sure to buy some and try them out.

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