• September 20, 2021

Sex With An Older Woman – Where To Pick Up An Older Woman

Mature women who love sex with a younger guy can be found everywhere and around you. Unfortunately, most don’t go around with a big sign on their heads announcing the fact that they love sex with a young stud. If that was the case, I would have fucked a lot more horny mature girls!

No, there are no overtly visible signs or signals that a woman is a cougar, but that just means you have to put in a little effort to discover willing mature women. However, your effort will be amply rewarded with the best sexual and erotic experience any young man could wish for.

Hot and horny mature girls who want to fuck younger guys are everywhere and everywhere. It could be any older woman you come across and it could be from any social background. She could be working behind the checkout at your local grocery store, she could be the receptionist at your regional bank, or even the lady who manages the laundry. She is definitely among the many school-run mothers and housewives, who seem to be frustrated and dissatisfied with their lot.

A sexy older babe will hunt you down

It is a well known fact that predatory women hunt in packs. There is no more chaotic force than a group of women, pissed off with alcohol and in a party spirit. Women in groups will incite each other to do things that they would normally shy away from. A simple challenge from her friends will be all the courage a woman needs to turn her over … and fall into your hands (or your bed)!

From experience, restaurants are a fabulous setting for attracting and flirting with mature women who are sexy, hot, and horny. Women will flirt with the bartenders and make all kinds of suggestive and erotic comments, especially after an alcoholic drink or two or three.

Alcohol has the power to significantly lower a woman’s inhibitions and loosen her morale (hopefully her panties as well), allowing her to be more honest with her thoughts, feelings, and views. While most women can become flirty and sexually suggestive, others will be far more adventurous, throwing caution to the winds, and leaving nothing to the imagination as to what she wants from you.

Each phallic fruit or vegetable will become a sex toy for her and she will “act” suggestively, indicating what she would like to do to you later. Restaurant industry jargon words like service, tip, open bar, dessert, main course, banana split, roll, etc. will now have fabulously dirty carnal meanings that gradually increase sexual tension.

So much so, that it is not strange that a mature diner, who can also be someone’s mother and housewife, is seen on her knees and gives a young waiter a blowjob in the restaurant’s bathrooms or in the service area , (pun intended), after a night of flirting and sexual arousal.

Get a job as a waiter!

Restaurants are favorite places for mature women looking for a younger guy to fuck. A restaurant is a much fancier place than a seedy nightclub where few mature women tend to go. For the older baby, a restaurant has less sexual competition than a nightclub that can be filled with younger girls and sexy women. Guys will be looking at teenage / twentysomething girls rather than a horny mature woman. The atmosphere of a restaurant offers you the possibility to choose between young waiters whom you can attract and seduce for a few hours without much interruption. (Disclaimer: I asked a group of older women and they told me.)

No wonder a 60-year-old grandmother performs oral sex in the backseat of her Mercedes S-Class to please a young waiter who had served her food that night at the restaurant. (Disclaimer: yes, you guessed it; a true story happened to me.)

From experience, you will meet some of the nicest women in history in a restaurant and also some of the sexiest. You will also meet the most lewd and obscene women! They are very funny. Women who have such open minds and willingly accept new sexual experiences will also teach you a lot.

Get out there! Mature women are waiting!

However, don’t restrict your opportunities by accepting restaurant jobs only. Try the bars and clubs, women love quirky Tom Cruise-like bartenders and free drinks.

How about music festivals? God! You can attract an older girl and fuck her for a whole weekend while U2 plays in the distance. Festivals are all about socializing and having fun. You can’t be more outgoing or have more fun than fucking an older, hot and horny woman!

And we haven’t even mentioned gyms, sports clubs, workplaces, training seminars, airports, business outings and many, many more …

Training seminars … mmmm, in a hotel a week with many women, paid by the company, free food, free afternoons, lots of drinks … what could happen?

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