• July 30, 2021

The exquisiteness of animal print beads

Animal print has been popping up on the fashion runways for years in jewelry, fabrics, belts, and shoes. Animal prints are very popular in many items that women carry and use both for day to day and to dress for all occasions. Belts and earrings with the same animal prints will match your outfit and complement the fashion style you are wearing.

You can glimpse leopard and zebra print beads on well-designed bags and shoes found on the Hollywood red carpet. Famous celebrities have been seen walking around their communities wearing a mix of tiger and zebra print beads and bright neon colors on their earrings and accessories that they wear. Many people make jewelry and sell it in small gift shops or flea markets to earn a few dollars. Children enjoy working on arts and crafts supplies and many of their projects will have animals in all of their designs. As children learn to use beads and work with all the different animal prints that they will come to enjoy and design later in life. Many popular designers today began working with beads and craft projects when they were young.

You can buy animal print beads of any size to make craft projects. Some beads will have small holes for stringing and others will have larger holes so that you can attach them to whatever you are designing. Hair pearls are very popular in many different cultures and make for a fun, colorful hairstyle. You can get cheetah print beads, leopard print beads, or any style or color you want and weave them into your hair.

There is an endless use of beads that you can display in your home or office. With larger hole beads, you can make a statement with a room divider by using leopard print beads or cheetah print beads to add color and style to your home. Photo frames can be designed for those animal snapshots you’ve taken and decorate the edges with colorful animal print beads to display your photo work. A photo of your cute fluffy kitty in a leopard print beaded frame will be the conversation piece in the room. The mirrors in your bathroom or bedroom are mostly dull and not very decorative. You can add little zebra print beads to the edge of those mirrors and add style to your room.

Clothes often have beautiful beads to bring out the shine when the light hits them. Luxury vintage clothing displays animal prints in many different styles and is popular year after year. It never seems to fade to have animal print beads on your clothes, shoes, purses, and even on hats for that suitable occasion.

The cheetah print beads have been energetically modeled in many different materials and jewelry to please fashion minded women who love glamorous and attractive items to wear. You can choose your favorite animal style and add it to your bag, shoes or clothing and make a fashion statement that is totally your own.

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