• July 31, 2021

Tracfone Motorola W376 Finally a Bluetooth Tracfone

The Tracfone Motorola W376 now comes with BlueTooth 2.0 enabled. This phone is a GSM phone that works on AT&T or T-Mobile networks. If you have good coverage in your area from AT&T, the phone you get will be set up to work on the At&T network.

The W376 appears to be the little brother of the best-selling Motorola Razr. The new W376g is thicker but narrower. The keyboard has the same flat design as the Razr. Both the Tracfone W376 and the Razr have the Motorola Chin badge. The Chin makes these phones easier to hold for one-handed texting.

The Moto W376g is a flat rate phone

Calls made anywhere in the United States are one unit per minute. You will only pay one unit per minute for local, long distance and roaming calls. Tracfone and sister company NET10 are the only prepaid cell phone companies in the United States that have reasonable roaming rates. Most prepaid phones do not offer roaming. If another prepaid company offers roaming, you will pay up to 60 cents per minute.

Tracfone international calls

Calls to more than sixty international areas will only cost you one unit per minute with the W376g. See International calling on the Tracfone.com website. Most of Mexico, South America, and Canada can be called for one unit per minute.

W376 texting

Tracfone W376g texting rates are .3 units per text input and output. This is much better than the .5 units per text on some of the older Tracfones.

Unlimited double minutes is standard on W376g

Tracfone has launched a new bonus program. You can buy a Double Minutes for Life (DMFL) card for $ 50 and install it on your phone. Then at any time, as long as you own that phone, you will get double the minutes[in|listedonyourTracfoneminutecardTheseunlimitedlifetimedoubleminutescurrentlycomewithyourMotoW376g[on|statedontheTracfoneMinuteCardThisUnlimitedDoubleminutesforlifecurrentlycomeswithgyourMotoW37[en|indicadosenlatarjetademinutosdeTracfoneEstosminutosdoblesilimitadosdeporvidavienenactualmentecontuMotoW376g[on|statedontheTracfoneMinuteCardThisUnlimitedDoubleminutesforlifecurrentlycomeswithyourMotoW376g

Tracfone W376g battery life

The W376g uses the BQ50 lithium ion battery. This is a large battery, so the battery life should be very good. The battery should last up to 10 days between charges. This depends on your use and where you are. If you’re on the fringes of cell coverage, your phone will work harder to maintain coverage and get through your charge faster.

Tracfone Bluetooth Phone

Tracfone’s first Bluetooth enabled phone is the Motorola W376. You can now use a Bluetooth 2.0 headset with your Motorola W376g. It’s safer to drive totally hands-free, which you can do with the new phone.

Web access and ringtone download

The web access allowed by Tracfone with their phones is quite limited, but that may be changing. Many options to search the web still cannot be done.

Motorcycle W376 Feel

The new W376 has a nice solid feel. I like the keyboard and the weight of the phone. The W376 has the same size and feel as the W370 and W375. It’s big enough when unfolded and fits comfortably in your face for talking (even if you have a big head). It easily fits in your pocket when folded.

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