• July 21, 2021

Was Game 6 of the 1986 World Series the greatest game of all time?

More than 23 years later, memories of an epic baseball game still burn bright in the minds of many baseball fans. Mets fans appreciate this game more than any other, and Red Sox lovers still have nightmares about what happened on that crazy night.

The New York Mets and Boston Red Sox met in a World Series during the 1986 baseball season. Both had been the best teams in their respective leagues and the stage was set for a great series.

To the surprise of many, New York lost its first two games at home, falling easily enough to a confident Red Sox team. Things were not looking very promising for the Mets and their fans.

Fortunately, the team’s fortunes changed over the next few games and the Mets tied the series before falling behind by 3 games for 2. Game 6 would give the Red Sox a chance to close out the series in Queens.

It seemed that this was about to happen. Boston led the game by two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning and the Mets had no one on base. The champagne bottles were corked and the game was almost over.

A digital sign even proclaimed Boston the winner, congratulating them on their victory. Tears filled the eyes of many NY players.

Somehow, the Mets kept the game alive with a few base hits after having been through to the last strike several times. Before long, a wild pitch feels like a runner at home, tying the game. The crowd was in an uproar, this was history in the making.

After this, the most unexpected of all events occurred. During that same inning while the game was tied, Mookie Wilson dribbled down the first base line. What seemed like an easy way out slashed through Bill Buckner’s legs, sending Ray Knight home and giving the Mets the victory.

They then won Game 7 of the World Series, making it one of the most significant and memorable games in professional baseball history.

Many baseball fans will still claim to this day that this was the best baseball game ever played. Based on the way this all happened, it is very possible that they are right.

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