• August 31, 2021

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Website Development 101: The Right Website Design

Is your website easy to understand?

A popular country singer who performed to sold-out crowds was asked what his secret was to constantly packing them up.

“Every time we walk into a city and we’re setting the stage,” he explained, “I walk out into the empty auditorium and head to the back row. I sit there, all the way back in the seat farthest from the stage, and imagine what the person sitting in this seat will see. I always keep that in mind whenever I create a show on stage. I wonder what the average paying customer will see. “

That is a good mindset for businesses when it comes to their web design. Does your corporate website have the viewer in mind or is it just a nice billboard? How sensible is your ecommerce web design? How fast can a visitor understand the information on your website? A good graphic web design must have a ‘timer mentality’, that is, it must take into account that many viewers are impatient. If they can’t get the information they need, it won’t take long for a frustrated viewer to click on another site. Companies must have a web design that recognizes the speed of decision making by potential customers in the world of shopping in cyberspace.

“The viewer should never have to guess the purpose of a company’s website,” said Nigel Gower, CEO of 24OnDemand, a leading web development company based in Atlanta, Georgia. “I mean, think of it in other terms. Would you shop at a car dealership if you couldn’t find the new vehicles? Would you dine at a restaurant where the menu is gibberish and the waiters are unaware of the specials? No, no you would. Why is a website different? People come to inquire, buy, be impressed. It’s a simple internet marketing tip that you should check frequently. Ask yourself: Shouldn’t you clarify and explain everything? web design should take these things into account. “

Gower is a businessman who had a vision to create new avenues of commerce for companies around the world through a dynamic Internet marketing strategy. He had realized the need for users to feel comfortable with a website the first few seconds they click on the first page. He established 24OnDemand with ease of use in mind, but with high definition graphics and a powerful presence.

24OnDemand has built a solid reputation for its clear, attractive, and easy-to-use sites that have easy-to-understand navigation tools. Its graphic design and simple tutorials have been recognized as superior in the field of web development. Even a business with a poor website can redeem itself by switching to common sense internet technology. Proper web design, however, must start now.

Gower lists four things as the highest priority in his company’s website development work when it comes to superior web design. First, the website must look attractive with clear fonts, bright images, and a friendly approach. Second, the web design must clearly state the business products and services clearly. Third, the website must be user-friendly at all stages of the shopping experience, be it browsing categories or making purchases. Fourth, the web design must communicate the company’s belief that the visitor is important. All of these web development strategies combine to create a site that will attract people again and again.

“Think of a website as a house. One thing you want is good text colors, which is like fresh paint inside and out. A good contrast on your site (dark text on a light background) will attract the reader.” Gower said. “You want easy access through the house. In terms of web development, they are easy to read paragraphs that are not too long and well spaced. Of course, it is the quality of the building material, which on the website would be content fresh and informative. If you don’t have quality content, you don’t have a good website. Posters, flashy graphics, and loud design are as good as trying to repair a broken pipe by playing symphonic music on the radio in the hallway. “

Gower offers some helpful tips for good web development.
“Make a good sitemap, one that is as easy to understand as the directions on a map. Do not allow any chance of the visitor getting lost or frustrated. Make sure your ‘contact us’ link is clear and legible at each page. If the viewer can’t find a way to get in touch with you, you’ve lost your business. “

“Avoid pop-ups at all costs. I think of them as the equivalent of those little cards that always fall out of magazines, pure irritation. There are other keys in web development that we use to get great results. At 24OnDemand we also avoid long pages. where the user has to scroll, scroll, scroll down and get tired. Instead, we could add a link “Go to page …” so that they can access a new page. And always remember to update your website. Think new all the time. Search engines and visitors love to see new items and articles. “

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