• May 25, 2023

What can a marketing coach teach you about reading the body language of the opposite sex?

Two people may be doing the same thing, but depending on whether they are male or female, they may be communicating something totally different. As a marketing consultant, being aware of these differences is essential to your success.

This is why…

How can you read the body language of the opposite sex and tell if they like you or are attracted to you? Although being absolutely sure can be difficult, you can have the best possible idea.

If you’re a man and you’re communicating with a woman, there are some things that are often misunderstood because there are big gender differences.

If you want to know if a woman likes you and if she leans into your conversation with her hand under her chin, she’s probably bored to tears.

This is the exact opposite of how men communicate with men. Men, if we’re interested in each other, we could lean across the table and join the conversation and say, oh yeah, that’s really interesting.

But women are the opposite; when they get interested, they sit back and say, hey! And so that’s real.

Women also tend to smile more than men, but we tend to get the wrong impression. We thought, oh, she’s in love with me. If she accidentally touches us, we tend to think that she is in love with her. These things are true.

Women do a lot of things to be friendly on purpose or to be nice on purpose. They feel sorry for us. It’s that maternal instinct.

But it’s another story when a woman moves into your space and actually approaches you after you’ve been standing or sitting somewhere. She or she gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes back to the table and positions herself in such a way that she is closer to you; now you know for a fact that this person likes you better.

Women are highly space-oriented territorial creatures. So can you be absolutely positive?


There are a few psychopaths left in the world, but generally speaking, if a woman moves into your space and she’s significantly closer than she was before, especially if she walks up and looks you in the eye from 18 inches or less. – you can virtually guarantee that person has a very strong interest and not necessarily in the business.

Knowing how genders communicate differently can be invaluable. It can mean the difference between making a sale or walking away empty-handed.

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