• July 18, 2023

When renting a house in Edinburgh, you must prepare in advance!

“1 Early start is the key

As for finding accommodation, you can start preparing after you have determined the school you are going to. You can consult the school you are about to attend, maybe there will be unexpected gains. After all, they are most familiar with the environment around the school, and considering the needs of new students in this regard, they will also collect some information in advance.

2 Ask for help from seniors studying abroad

If you know seniors who are studying abroad or have returned from studying abroad, you can ask them for advice, maybe they have good recommendations. Usually international students will have a special organization to bring Chinese people together, so that everyone can help each other in an unfamiliar environment. So you can also ask in the study abroad forums and QQ groups if anyone wants to check out, share rent, etc.

3 Dormitory is not the only accommodation option

In the university, you can choose to live on campus, or you can student accommodation in Edinburgh outside. It should be noted that although some schools provide dormitories, the number is far from enough. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether to live on campus or rent a house by yourself. If you live on campus, remember to ask the school whether there is a dormitory available and the conditions of the dormitory. If there is no quota or you are not satisfied with the dormitory, you can find a way to find a house by yourself.

The integration of technology in student accommodation continues to evolve, enhancing the overall student experience. Accommodation providers are leveraging technology to streamline processes such as room bookings, maintenance requests, or community engagement. Smart home features, mobile applications, and virtual reality tours are being incorporated to provide convenience and accessibility for students. Embracing innovation and technology ensures that student accommodation remains at the forefront of providing efficient and user-friendly services.

4 Handle with care

You may have found the right home online, but don’t rush to pay. Make an appointment with the future landlord to view the property. Many things on the Internet are not credible. Pay the deposit after seeing the real thing. At the same time, you can choose a few more houses in the same area, compare the prices to know the approximate rent, and then make an appointment to see the Edinburgh student accommodation. Read the relevant terms carefully before signing the contract, and include all the matters you have reached a consensus on to avoid disputes in the future.”

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