• April 30, 2021

Who is a true feminist?

One of the current wars where the minority is trying to impose their belief and conviction on the majority through harassment is the issue of feminism. Self-proclaimed feminists flaunt the facts, or the lack of them, to your face and challenge you to disagree with them and stand up to attack. Most of the time, as comedian Jonathan Swift would say, the difference of opinion is usually due to indifferent things. But feminism goes beyond its narrow prejudices. In this article I will endeavor to shed some light on the role of women in all parts of creation, and in particular of human women in the physical world.

Once again, I am forced to return to the point of the Big Bang. At this point the two species of male and female spirits were separated, because in the Divine realm there is neither male nor female because they do not have sex. Therefore, the Archangels, for example, do not have sex by virtue of the fact that they are in the Divine realm. But there is a prototype of femininity even in the Divine realm, and She and those who inhabit the Garden of Virtues, part of her realm, possess feminine attributes.

At the peak of creation, and in all its descending planes, woman appears to man as a necessary bridge. This is done up to the physical world. Due to the higher nature of the woman’s soul, they thus become bridges through which new souls incarnate on earth. This is because they are half a notch above man and therefore can pass as a transmission channel to the new offspring. Being finer in intuition and more delicate, therefore, it is imperative that Man first incarnated on earth as a coarser and cruder copy of humanity. It is only after the incarnation and birth of man through highly evolved apes (see my Evolution vs Creation article) that woman followed. This was captured allegorically in the biblical account of how man was created first and woman created from his ribs. Thus, in the upward link, the woman has a stronger connection with the afterlife. His activity is much softer and spiritually higher than that of Man. What he lost in physical strength he makes up for in spiritual strength.

Therefore, it is ridiculous for women to seek equality with men, similar to a man who insists that he is equal to his goalkeeper.

Unfortunately, this is how it is today on earth. Women want to do rougher jobs on earth because, according to them, what a man can do, a woman can do better. Even in practical terms it is impossible, because no woman can urinate in a gutter and, despite the struggles of science, no man can get pregnant and have a child, unless he is a distorted soul, that is, a female soul. . in a male body. (See my articles on abortion and the gay issue).

In the new time such abnormalities will never be allowed to exist, and women will respect their role in creation, knowing that their place is in the home and home.

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