• July 22, 2021

Why Do You Need an Employee Side Employment Lawyer?

Side Employment Lawyer

Sooner or later, most people who get laid off realize that they are not going to be able to continue working just like they used to. When you are laid off from your job, you automatically lose all the financial resources you have, including your benefits and entitlements. Most employees simply cannot handle the huge hit they take on their current financial situation without some help. The answer to this problem is to get an employee side employment lawyer toronto to help them. This type of lawyer will help you deal with the employers who layoff their employees.

As an employee, you need to have legal advice when it comes to being laid off from your job. You should know how your employer will go about liquidating your personal assets so that they can pay you for the services you have rendered for the company. If the company intends to lay you off, they will first offer you a redundancy package. However, if this package does not contain enough money to cover your expenses and other liabilities, the employer might choose to go for an offer to terminate your employment.

Even though this latter option is less desirable for many employees, you should still try to find a way to keep your job. Remember that in most cases, it is not worth the risk to allow an employer to get away with not paying you. It is better to settle things professionally than to risk losing everything because you did not know what was going on in your company and did not consult with an employee side employment lawyer. If you are laid off, talk to your attorney immediately.

Why Do You Need an Employee Side Employment Lawyer?

Before you are given the pink slip, it is important to have an employee side employment lawyer review the case. Your attorney should look at all of the details of the case, such as the layoff announcement and your working agreement with the employer. If you think there is a basis for dismissal due to discrimination, harassment, or other issues, your attorney can help you get a fair hearing with the employer. The bottom line is that you cannot argue with a superior court judge or the arbitrator when there is a labor dispute involved.

Your employee side employment lawyer will know what you can and cannot do in terms of appealing a decision by the employer. It is possible to get employment decisions overturned on appeal, so it is wise to be represented before a judge even thinks about ordering a trial. It is possible to get your employment rights back on track, but you must be aware of your legal rights and what they are allowed to do by law. A good employee side employment lawyer can help you figure out how to proceed in these situations.

You might wonder why you would need an employee side employment lawyer. First, if you have been discriminated against, you can file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Second, an employer cannot make you feel guilty for getting laid off from your job or for requesting a vacation or sick leave. In addition, if your employer offers you a pink slip without any explanation, this is considered an unfair employment practice. Your rights as an employee have been taken away by your employer, so you must take action to protect them.

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