• May 26, 2023

Why I love my WMF pressure cooker

My WMF pressure cooker has made cooking so much easier, not only do I save time, but I also cook my meals more energy-efficiently and I can keep all the healthy nutrients IN the food instead of escaping from the cooker while cooking. I cook.

But let’s go back to the beginning: WMF is a German manufacturer of kitchenware whose history dates back to the mid-19th century.

They have always been known as quality providers (Made in Germany) of kitchen items and that’s why I decided to buy my first pressure cooker from WMF.

But what is a pressure cooker and why would you want one in your kitchen?

Here’s a quick rundown of what sets it apart from a regular kitchen:

– you save a LOT of time (up to 70%) when you cook your food in a quality pressure cooker

– one of the most important things in my opinion: you keep the vitamins and minerals IN the food much better than with regular cooking methods, the reason for this is the pressure lid that keeps the steam inside and therefore therefore, the nutrients of your food

– you save energy as the cooking process is shortened

– you can prepare an entire meal in a single pot, which means less cleanup effort

– you can even use a pressure cooker to defrost or preserve food

WMF offers its pressure cookers in three different lines. They are called PERFECT, PERFECT PLUS and PERFECT ULTRA.

The difference between the lines lies in the handle of the lid, the higher we go to the line, the more advanced the handle and therefore the ease of use.

Kitchens can be purchased as individual pieces or complete sets of different sizes. Of course, the more sizes you have, the greater the variety of things you can cook.

Sizes start at 2.5 liters, then 3 liters, then 4.5 liters, 6.5 liters and the largest is 8.5 liters.

Maintenance efforts are minimal, it’s almost ridiculous, it’s basically done in a minute since most of the time I only have one pot to clean.

I can remove all parts of the pot and throw it in the dishwasher (yes) and quickly clean the handle under running water.

WMF’s three year warranty seals the deal for me…

Excellent product, easy to use, healthy, a way to save time and energy to prepare my food…

That’s why I love my WMF pressure cooker.

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