• July 17, 2023

Books to teach children about good and evil

There are a number of expertly written books available on the market to help parents and teachers teach the values ​​of honesty, right and wrong to children during their formative years. A review of these books will provide more information about the usefulness of these media as teaching tools for children.

”Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big”, written by cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, is one of the most useful children’s books ever written for teaching children the values ​​of life in a fun way. The author has used his experience as a cartoonist and illustrator to write this book. The author has extensively used meaningful illustrations, expressions and insights to develop the book, which teaches children all the good values ​​of life in a fun way. The illustrations and expressions of the characters in the book play a key role in informing children about all the values ​​and good things in life without forcing them to make a lot of effort and experience stress in understanding the content of the book and the moral behind it. the history. The story has been told from the perspective of Edwurd’s sister, Fannie, encouraging the children not to lie and highlighting the advantages of being honest in one’s life.

”The Berenstain Bears and the Truth” by Jan Berenstain is the second children’s book in this category, which has become a key element in any home where there are young children. This book also uses many illustrations and expressions to tell a story where temptation and lies have an adverse impact on one’s life. The story is told in a light manner without placing much emphasis on readers understanding the content and values ​​that need to be taught to children in order to improve their character and personality during their formative years. The book emphasizes that children need to avoid telling lies and temptations for certain things and actions in their lives and instill in them the values ​​of truthfulness and honesty in order to grow as better human beings.

”Ruthie And The (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie” by Laura Rankin is the third book in this category, using creative brushstrokes and illustrations to tell the story. The book tells a story in which a young fox finds a camera on the ground and claims that it is his. He spends a restless night at his house where he can’t sleep, since he had lied to everyone about the camera. She tells the truth to her parents and teachers in the morning, and she realizes that lying is wrong. The creative illustrations and the expressions of the characters when they interact with each other are the highlights of this book. These characteristics play a key role in teaching children the importance of truthfulness and its role in shaping one’s character and personality for a better life in the future. Illustrations and brushwork also play a key role in enhancing young children’s sense of creativity, helping them to make better use of their imagination and skills in later life.

All three books and many more that are available on the market today play a key role in helping parents and teachers teach the importance of good values ​​during their formative years in a playful and fun way without putting a lot of stress on them. the little kids

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