• May 26, 2023

Corporation Inc Walkthrough

Simulation games have been around for quite some time, you may be familiar with console games like the Sims. The Sims started out very popular, the idea was that you play as people, find jobs, learn new skills, meet people and try to live life. Something big has just hit the online gaming industry and it’s Corporation Inc. Corporation Incorporated is a brand new online game by John, a very well made game I might add, it quickly became the best game of 2010, after of that would be Warlords 2: Rise of the Demons.

In this online role-playing game, you simply run your own button factory, the goal is to run a successful business that earns a steady income, you will have to hire and fire workers depending on their level of happiness, and if they slack off or not. or do their job(s). There have been some minor bugs with the game, but overall they have been fixed or are still in the process of being fixed, the game itself is unique, something very different from the usual online games I play.

The game starts with 3 modes, easy, medium and hard. Each mode has a different amount of starting cash, I managed to play both medium and hard mode, if you go for the hard option your cash will probably drop the low wins quite a bit, just make sure you don’t buy too much. offices or decoration I have read some excellent tutorials from Corporation Inc here and there explaining helpful gameplay tips on how to complete each objective. The game has 32 objectives, some of them are quite time consuming, so make sure you’re still earning a good amount of money before attempting any serious purchases.

Analysis: Overall, this game is by far the best online game I’ve played to date, hands down. If you like casual games or in this case simulation games, you should definitely add this game to your playlist. If you find any bugs please let John know, he is constantly doing his best to improve and make the game better for everyone in the online gaming community. Good luck and as always have fun!

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