• May 25, 2023

Best destinations to visit on holiday in Uganda

Beautiful Uganda is located in East Africa and has been named as the number one tourist destination by the World Tourism Organization with scenically amazing natural wonders. The country is one of the most sought after destinations in Africa for adventure holidays and along these lines, the article highlights some of the best holiday destinations that make Uganda so popular for adventure holidays and travel.

Mount Rwenzori

If there is any other incredibly challenging place for walking safaris in the world other than Mount Rwenzori, then it must not be nearly as interesting as hiking the Rwenzori. The legendary ‘Mountains of the Moon’ are located in western Uganda along the borders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its snow-covered peaks rise to a height of 5,109 m. There is also the Rwenzori Mountains National Park published in 1991. The park spreads over an area of ​​996 square kilometers and is mostly only accessible to hikers, though the striking scenery and more than 18 Albertine-recorded Rift endemics they are worth a second look for enthusiasts. bird watchers

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Thousands of wildlife enthusiasts flock to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park every year because, well, because it’s the best place to explore pure nature! But this part of the country isn’t just about riding the waves, either. Bwindi has much more to offer than that. Several families on adventure holidays book safari holiday accommodation in Bwindi and spend much of their time exploring the picturesque natural wonders, tracking gorillas and enjoying bush walks. For bird lovers, Bwindi offers some of the best montane forests i.e. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for bird watching tours in Africa and is a much sought after destination for any bird watcher on holiday in the country.

Murchison Falls in Masindi

Murchison Falls has stunning scenery to offer its visitors and the entire region is adventurous and full of romance! Aside from seeing the majestic falls, there are plenty of holiday activities to keep holiday travelers entertained, such as boat trips that operate from Paraa to the foot of the mountain falls and last around two and a half hours. There is Murchison Fall National Park, the largest wildlife sanctuary in Uganda. This is a great safari destination. Visitors can see hippos, crocodiles, and magnificent close-ups of birds. There are also nature walks to the top of the falls, for example at Kaniyo Pabidi, where holiday travelers can track chimpanzees. The whole place is wonderful for Uganda adventure holiday travel.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is bordered by Lake George and Edward, which are connected by the Kazinga Channel. This 1,979 square kilometer National Park boasts a stunning location at the bottom of the Rift Valley, a mosaic habitat that is home to an incredible variety of mammal species. Scenically, Queen Elizabeth National Park has everything you need for a fascinating safari holiday. The spectacular natural beauty is due in large part to the mountains that rise beyond the park boundaries. The park is home to more than 95 rare species of mammals, while the bird list has more than 612 species. 57 different species of plants have been identified, creating perfect habitats for the available wildlife. It is the perfect choice for holiday safaris in the countryside.

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