• November 24, 2023

Feng Shui and Hanging Bells

Hanging Bells

In feng shui, hanging bells (also called wind chimes) are thought to attract good health, wealth and fortune. They can also help summon the energy needed to increase creativity, complete projects, or even find a new romantic partner!

A chime is actually made of several resonating rods or bells suspended from a wire or string, according to the Britannica online dictionary. They’re often hung outdoors to capture the breeze and create a soothing, melodious sound. They can also help deflect negative energies in and around the home.

Hanging bells are a great way to clean up lingering bad vibes, and they are often used in feng shui to attract positive energy to the home. They can be hung anywhere in the home, but they are particularly effective at the front door to greet visitors with a fresh, positive vibration and encourage the flow of chi.

If you want to use them to attract healthy relationships, a new job or promotion, a benefactor or mentor, or help your children grow into healthy adults, state your intention clearly when hanging the bells. Then, place them where you can see them frequently to remind you of the energy you’re calling in.

Feng Shui and Hanging Bells

The best place to hang a chime in the home is in the east, southeast or south direction. These are the areas of the house that bring in prosperity, wealth and happiness, according to Vastu and Feng Shui.

For a symphony of positivity, choose a wood chime with five cylinders. These are considered auspicious in both Vastu and Feng Shui because they symbolize the Earth, Metal, Wood, Water and Fire elements, which all work together to create a harmonious symphony of life.

Brass hanging bells are a part of Indian cultural heritage and represent a rich tradition. They are beautiful and have a soothing sound. They can be hung at the entrance of your home to attract wealth and prosperity. They’re also ideal for the northwest, northeast and west directions of your house as they improve health and ward off bad luck.

A decorative hanging bell that has a double fish is also believed to bring wealth and prosperity. It is a great choice for the patio or porch. You can get them at most craft/fabric and home supply stores. The metal element of feng shui is associated with logic and clarity, so hanging bells can help you clear up any mental clutter in your home. They’re a beautiful addition to the home and are easy to install. They’re also portable so you can move them from room to room as needed.

In the practice of Feng Shui, hanging bells are not merely decorative; they are revered for their positive energy and symbolic significance. Believed to ward off negative forces, the gentle chime of these bells is thought to harmonize the flow of Chi, promoting balance and tranquility in a space. Placed strategically, such as near an entrance, hanging bells are said to invite auspicious energy and repel negativity. The soothing sound produced by the slightest breeze carries with it the promise of serenity, making hanging bells a cherished element in Feng Shui practices, harmonizing both physical and metaphysical aspects of the environment.

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