• August 31, 2021

Is it good to be a celebrity?

When you think of the word “celebrity,” you think of fame. When you think of the word “celebrity,” you think of wealth. When you think of the word “celebrity”, you think of retake. So do you really think celebrity is such a great thing? All of us sometimes think that. We want to be famous and known all over the world, be rich and never worry about money. But that’s life that is never easy for everyone. There is always something that accompanies the celebrity, such as lack of privacy, loneliness and exhaustion and something else like that. So is it really good to be a celebrity?

There are a host of perks to being a celebrity:

The biggest advantage of being famous is that celebrities are usually very rich so they have an easier life than other people. They live in beautiful houses that have housekeepers, securities, cooks, and other servants. They don’t have to worry about paying the bills, they can wear the best clothes and drive a luxury car. What’s more, they spend their vacations in expensive resorts, they get the best hotel rooms and the best service. Some words like “cheap”, “sales”, “too expensive” never appear in a celebrity’s dictionary. For example, the slogan “Save money during these tough economic times” has almost no value to Victoria Beckham. She told the media: “Buying a lot of things is the way to renew my lifestyle.” No comment !!!

Second, when you are famous, everyone knows your name. Then you get invited to the best parties and you meet other celebrities. Your fans send you gifts and letters to tell you how much they love you. Also, celebrities can have a branded product without paying money because some designer will send it to them for publicity or promotion. A famous person receives first-class service wherever he goes, for example, he does not need to stand in line when he goes to see movies or attend a concert. It is really amazing for ordinary people.

And last but not least, also very interesting, celebrities can easily pick up other celebrities or someone else, especially one night. I think Paris Hilton can totally agree with me on that!

However, everything in the world has two faces. Being famous has both disadvantages and advantages.

The biggest problem for famous people is the media that can make or destroy them. They can definitely let you down. Ask Birtney Spears. Celebrities rarely have privacy and often have to go out in public in disguise so that they are not recognized. They are harassed by paparazzi who try to photograph them all the time. They must also be aware of their appearance and be friendly and polite everywhere and at any time. And if they do something wrong, everyone knows immediately. Often times magazine and newspaper gossip and don’t tell the truth about a famous person, which can be very unfortunate for them.

The next thing is stress. The more they achieve and succeed, the more their fans expect them to achieve. This is a huge obsession for them. Therefore, it is very easy to see that celebrities who cannot solve their problem often abuse alcohol or drugs. In other words, fame can destroy a man very easily. We only think of Michael Jackson or Diego Maradona to gain experience.

Celebrities are also not sure if their friends and fans like them for who they are or for their money. Celebrities find it difficult to trust someone as a true friend. Although they are rich, sometimes they still feel lonely. Money does not bring happiness.

In conclusion, the celebrity can be nice, but it is not easy to live with. You may have a lot of money, but you still feel very lonely and unsafe. Everyone knows your name, but stress lets you down. You have everything that ordinary people don’t have, but you can’t do everything that they can do thanks to the media, especially the paparazzi. So is it good to be a celebrity? Well, it seems it depends on the person. There are some people who are famous and lead a normal, quiet life without serious problems. For me, it is the secret of happiness.

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