• April 30, 2022

Slide in Truck Campers: The Most Versatile RV Solution

Slide in truck campers

In my somewhat biased opinion, truck RVs represent the best value in the RV world. Whenever you make a purchase of this size, there will be trade-offs and compromises in your decision. However, at least for my family, and probably yours, the pros and cons are stacked in favor of the camper.

floor space

The first trade off with a slide on a camper truck is space. The few RVs that have less floor space than a slider RV are at the smaller end of their class. The smallest RVs, conversion vans, generally have more floor space than the average slider camper van, and there are some small travel trailers that are narrower than a camper van. RV floor space can be increased by adding sliders, but these features add weight, complexity, and expense to the package.

This is an acceptable compensation for my family. When we go camping, we want to be outside as much as we can. My daughter scoffs that if she had all that space and comfort, she might as well camp out in an RV lot and sit inside all day (I hope she keeps that attitude, at least through her teens). When we arrive at our campsite, the first thing my wife and daughters do is pull out the folding chairs and find the most comfortable places to sit while I level the platform. After that, the only time we are in the caravan is to eat something, change clothes or sleep. If the weather is bad, we can spend the afternoon sitting in the dining room, eating popcorn and playing cards or watching movies (if it’s VERY bad, we’re not too proud to pack up and go home).


For me, the biggest advantages of the slider truck trailer are its versatility and its value. As for versatility, it can go almost anywhere I can drive my truck. We have camped at full service campgrounds but prefer more hidden spots. We’re set up for Boon docking, so we can stay in one place with no connections for several days. Not that we probably would. It’s so easy to get going that we’d probably enjoy one place for two or three nights and then move on to another.

The slider truck trailer and pickup trailer is one of the least expensive RVs to buy new. They hold their value better than other RVs, but there are still good values ​​on the used market. When looking at used RVs, keep in mind that there are fewer “moving parts” in an RV, so it’s easier to spot the one that’s been abused or has real value than with other types of RVs.

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