• August 17, 2022

Spacesaver bathroom storage rack, ideal for your bathroom accessories

Need space-saving bathroom storage shelves to organize your bathroom accessories, but not sure how to do it on a budget? Have you ever cleaned out your closets or garage lately and found old baskets? It seems like so many sneakers have been collected over the years, and maybe you put them away thinking you could wear them some other time, but never got around to it. The point is that you just couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of them. Well, now you don’t have to. In fact, you can repurpose those old baskets for storage on your bathroom shelves, with a little creativity.

Do you have old shelves lying around that you no longer use? Could you paint them and still use them for space-saving bathroom storage? How about painting your old shelves and hanging them in your bathroom, and use the baskets to organize your bathroom accessories?

You must first choose the paint that will work for your shelves. Using shelves and baskets to organize your bathroom accessories is a great idea, but the first step is to choose paint that can be easily washed off. Bathrooms can get ugly and dirty, so when you can’t easily wash your shelves, you may end up with a large, messy area. Therefore, consider choosing a paint that washes off easily.

Add templates to create a theme

There are many different things you can do with plain old shelves. You can add templates to them, like a beach theme or a nautical theme, or you can leave them one color. It’s all up to you when you’re being creative. If you don’t have a theme, go ahead and choose colors you like, to complement what you do have. The idea is to use shelves and baskets cheaply to organize your bathroom accessories.

When you’re painting your shelves, consider painting the baskets you’ll use to complement your new shelves. You may also consider lining them with fabric that will complement your bathroom theme decor to add a finished look.

When the storage shelves are dry and the baskets are painted and lined, hang the shelves where you need them. Over the toilet is a good idea if you don’t have anything in there. This is a great place to store the bathroom accessories you use every day, like toilet paper rolls and air fresheners or even your brushes and combs. You can also hide things like bars of soap in the baskets.

Using space-saving bathroom storage shelves and baskets to keep your bathroom organized can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to have a neatly organized, clean and tidy bathroom. You can create any type of look to match any décor, so why not get creative and stop decorating?

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