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The story about Bioshock Infinite Booker and his involvement in the game

In Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt is narrated as a guy who always feels guilty and depressed about all his mistakes in the past. Driven by the need to erase his debts and get out of all his troubles, Booker makes such a horrible decision in his life. He sells his little daughter, Anne Dewitt, to a guy named Robert Lutece, who is under the command of Comstock.

After reluctantly selling her son to Robert Lutece, she changes her mind and chases Robert down the hall to cancel the deal with Comstock and get her daughter back. Unfortunately, as shown in the Bioshock Infinite cutscenes, Booker fails to wrest his son from Comstock’s hands. When Lutece’s time machine window closes, Anne’s little finger is cut into two parts in 2 different realities, in Booker’s reality and Comstock’s reality in Columbia.

Booker Dewitt’s past

Well, if you have already played this game, either on PC or console, then you also know that in Bioshock Infinite, Booker is characterized as a guy who is full of rage, especially when it comes to his past, where he committed so many brutal actions during his tenure as a soldier. As shown in the game, Booker used to be part of the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army as a soldier and was seriously involved in a war called “The Wounded Knee Battle”.

During that war, Booker had committed many brutal, even inhuman acts on many of his enemies, such as skinning their heads and burning them all together. That is why one of his comrades, Cornelius Slate, called Booker “The White Indian”, thanks to his brutal methods of killing enemies in war.

Shortly after the entire war ended in 1892, when Booker was still 18 years old, his wife / girlfriend gave Booker a baby boy named Anne Dewitt. Sadly, after giving birth to Anne, his wife died. And this is the part where Booker’s problems start to creep up on his shoulders.

Realizing that he had become a single father, raising his daughter alone, not to mention all the brutal acts he committed during the war, Booker felt really depressed, so he decided to dedicate himself to alcohol and gambling. And obviously alcohol and gambling just didn’t mix very well for him. So, as a drunk gamer, you lost a lot of your money and started collecting a lot of debts, a lot of debts.

And that is not the end. When he finally became an agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, Booker apparently still carried all the brutal habits from his past and implemented them as methods for his actions as an agent for Pinkerton. And because of that, his agency fired him because he was too cruel as an agent.

When Booker sells his daughter to Comstock

As time passed and Booker Dewitt continued to get carried away by gambling and alcohol much more deeply than before, he began to earn debt for his loss as a “drunk gamer.” Realizing that his debts kept piling up and that he was unwilling to allow his daughter, Anne Dewitt, to live in her miserable life, Booker met with a guy named Robert Lutece, a scientist Comstock ordered to meet Booker.

Thanks to the time machine and the reality of Rosalind Lutece, Robert apparently knew that Booker had a lot of debts on his side, so Robert offered him the golden opportunity to erase all of Booker’s debts with the exchange of his little daughter, Anne Dewitt. .

And as shown in the game’s scenes, Booker reluctantly accepted that offer, but soon changed his mind and decided to chase Robert down the hall to cancel the deal.

Booker decides to get baptized to wash away his sins

With Anne Dewitt brought by Comstock to Columbia, Booker felt genuinely guilty about his mistake in selling his daughter, not to mention all the other problems he had had before, such as brutal actions during the war, gambling, drinking alcohol, collecting debts. , and many more. So, Booker decided to take baptism as the only way to wash away all his sins in the past and start a new, better life. This is the part where the story gets the most interesting.

Booker rejects or accepts baptism

  • At the moment when Booker is still deciding whether to ACCEPT baptism or REFUSE baptism, this reality is divided into 2 different realities.
  • In the FIRST reality or let’s call it “TIMELINE A”, Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism and that’s when he changes his name and becomes Comstock.
  • On the other hand, in the SECOND reality or “TIMELINE B”, Booker apparently feels that all sins simply cannot be washed away by that baptism, so he decides to REFUSE the baptism and remains as Booker Dewitt.

It is worth noting that the actual reality that needs to be underlined in this game is “TIMELINE B” or the reality in which Booker REFUSES baptism and remains himself. However, the fact that there is another reality, where Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism and becomes Comstock, then it is also important to know who Comstock really is.

Who is Comstock?

Well now you know that in this game, Booker will convert or change his name to Comstock if he decides to ACCEPT baptism. In this reality or as previously mentioned as “TIMELINE A”, Comstock apparently feels and believes that all his sins in the past, such as committing brutal actions during the war, gambling, drinking alcohol, collecting debts, selling his daughter, etc. be washed with baptism.

Yet despite being born a new better person, Comstock apparently still inherits all of his dark side from his past as Booker Dewitt. After successfully convincing the New York government to help fund the tech projects and inventions of her friend, Rosalind Lutece, Comstock succeeds in making her dreams come true. And that is building a floating city of Columbia and becoming a leader or “prophet” to the people of Columbia.

What is Booker’s mission at Columbia?

In 1912, Booker met Robert Lutece again for the second time. However, this time, Robert was not alone as he also dragged his “twin”, Rosalind Lutece to meet Booker. In this part, Robert and Rosalind offered Booker a job to help a girl named Elizabeth escape Columbia and bring her to New York unscathed.

After being dragged into the reality where Columbia exists (from “TIMELINE B” to “TIMELINE A”), Booker suddenly had some memories mixed in his mind and he remembered them again with his past, but mixed with new memories. ” old “at Columbia (when Booker became Comstock, because Booker is basically the same person as Comstock). So when he was offered a job to get a girl to take her to New York in order to “ELIMINATE HER DEBTS,” Booker simply nodded and did not question that job.

Who is Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a girl who has been held captive in the Monument Island tower by Comstock. After being “caged” for almost the rest of her life in a tower, Elizabeth educates herself with so many books and knowledge on how to open locks and geometric coordinates, while sharpening her power to open tears, her “super power” (by like Spiderman with his “web”, Superman with his “vision” or Batman with his “big bank account”). He then meets Booker for the first time after Booker falls from the top of Monument Island into the library.

Booker’s main strengths

In Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt comes across so many strengths that accompany him throughout his journey in Columbia, in the form of weapons and telekinesis powers. Most of their weapons are old-fashioned 1900 pistols such as cowboy pistol, old school shotgun, and many more.

In addition to those tangible weapons, Booker Dewitt is also blessed with some telekinesis powers that allow him to use some kind of superpowers from his hands to fight enemies that stand in his way. To name a few, there are some prominent telekinesis powers that Booker possesses, such as the one called “Devil’s Kiss”, which can be used by Booker to throw a fire grenade at enemies. He can also use his other telekinesis superpower called “Possessions”, which can turn his enemies into his allies, but not permanently.

On some occasions, Elizabeth also helps Booker Dewitt a lot with his power to open tears, allowing him to transport some things (for example, doctors, bullets, walls to defend, cargo, etc.) from other realities than reality. by Booker. . Sometimes Elizabeth also gives Booker some gold coins or things to protect her from enemies.

When Booker realizes that Comstock is actually himself

In the final part of this game, Booker finally discovers that, all along, Comstock is actually himself, but from “TIMELINE A” or the reality in which Booker decides to ACCEPT baptism. Having known that, he and Elizabeth realize that Comstock cannot be stopped because he already masters all realities, thanks to Lutece’s reality and time machine. So even though Booker manages to kill Comstock by smashing his head against the edge of the fountain and drowning him in water, Comstock will still be alive in many different realities.

The best way to prevent Comstock from re-living in all the different realities is to prevent it from being born in the first place. And the first time Comstock was born or created was when Booker decided to ACCEPT baptism. Therefore, Elizabeth opens the tear and brings Booker to the exact reality while he is still being baptized in the river.

In this reality, Booker finally realizes that the only way to prevent Comstock from being born is none other than to kill Booker himself in the river. Elizabeth then, along with the other Elizabeths (plural) from different realities, gather around Booker and drown him in water until he is killed.

And finally, in the final story of this game, Booker Dewitt finds himself alive again in the reality where he is still in his own home. However, Anne Dewitt’s existence in her room remains a mystery until now, as Irrational Games decides to end the game shortly after Booker opens the door to Anne’s room.

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