• January 5, 2022

Through-The-Wall Versus PTAC Air Conditioners

PTAC Air Conditioners

Before you buy a PTAC, you should learn about how they function. PTAC units are typically small. PTACsare much easier and more cost efficient to install. Because they are small, they don’t obstruct the view of a room. Because of their small size, PTAC units are often installed in the portion of a wall in a room.

An efficient energy system is a very important priority. If you are looking to buy a through-the-wall air conditioner, you should know that they are the more energy-efficient option. While a PTAC can save you up to 30% in cooling mode, a through-the-wall air conditioner can save up to 40%. And since both units are designed to operate using a thermostat, they’re very efficient in both heating and cooling modes. And despite the obvious difference in appearance, through the wall units have an advantage when it comes to efficiency given their size.

While a PTAC unit is not as efficient as a through the wall air conditioner, it can provide heating, cooling, and ventilation for a smallarea, so a PTAC is often the best option if you don’t need to keep multiple rooms cooled. This model is best for smaller rooms and is apt for bedrooms and bathrooms.

As the name suggests, a PTAC is a type of packaged air conditioning system. The PTAC pulls fresh air in through a vent facing the outdoors. Although they have many advantages, a PTAC unit has some disadvantages. Firstly, a PTAC system can possibly clog water pipes, which could lead to flooding. A PTAC is more likely to cause water damage to the building, so it is important to have a dependableHVACexpert to maintain your ductwork.

Through-The-Wall Versus PTAC Air Conditioners

PTACs are usually used in commercial areas. You should buy a PTAC air conditioner if a low initial cost is  a large advantage for you, given the lower installation price. A PTAC is an excellent choice for homes and businesses alike, but it should be noted that it does come with a higher price tag than a window air conditioner. Nevertheless, it is still a good choice for smaller rooms as they are more convenient to install. It is easier to maintain and uses less energy than other HVAC systems.

PTAC units are generally quieter than through-the-wall air conditioners, but the latter may be a better choice for a larger home. A PTAC can be placed in a wall and will condition the air of smaller areas like a through-the-wall air conditioner. A through-the-wall air conditionerissimilar to a PTAC, but it will not need ductwork. Both can be a good option for an apartment.

A through-the-wall air conditioner is a more expensive option than a PTAC. If you are looking for reliable, high quality HVAC services, you should contact ProServices Supply. They are a leading MRO and HVAC equipment provider based out of Atlanta, GA. Contact them today for quick shipping, dependable customer support, easy returns and outstanding discounts on through-the-wall and PTAC air conditioners. If you are unsure about what HVAC system to purchase, an HVAC professional can give you a free consultation based on your home’s needs.

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