• August 30, 2021

Who were the favorite receivers of Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr?

Who were the favorite receivers of Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr?

One of the most famous faces in 1960 National Football League football was Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr. The Packers were the dominant team of the time, winning multiple NFL championships and the first two Super Bowls to be played as well. During his career, he threw 152 touchdown passes, and many of them were pretty impressive or game-changing events as well. Bart Starr wasn’t statistically overwhelming, but he seemed to be the greatest in the big games. That, combined with his ability to not make too many mistakes, made him one of the top quarterbacks other teams had to worry about during the day. Who was your favorite receiver during your career?

Boyd Dowler of the Green Bay Packers caught more touchdown passes thrown by Bart Starr than anyone else. Dowler caught short passes and long bombs for touchdowns during his career. He had the advantage of playing most of his career with Starr, having caught his first touchdown pass from him in 1959 and his last in 1969. Dowler isn’t the Green Bay Packers’ most famous player, but it’s probably safe to do so. say that Bart Starr remembered it well.

Here are the top five receivers based on how many touchdown passes Bart Starr threw at them.

# 1 – Boyd Dowler – 28

# 2 – Max McGee – 25

# 3 – Carroll Dale – 19

# 4 – Ron Kramer – 12

# 5 – Paul Hornung – 11

Seeing those names is like a walk down memory lane for anyone who remembers the true glory days of Green Bay Packers football. The Packers of that era were one of the best teams in history and quarterback Bart Starr was a big reason.

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